Applications for semester exchange in SP5 2021 are open until January 11, 2021. 

Covid-19 Notice - While there is still much uncertainty around international travel, we remain hopeful that current restrictions can be lifted in time for SP5 2021 semester exchange to take place. Please be assured that UniSA is actively monitoring the global response to COVID-19 to assess the viability of the exchange program from semester to semester. We will stay in close contact with each cohort of applicants regarding this matter.

The University will continuously review the feasibility of SP5 2021 semester exchange with the aim to provide a formal update regarding participation in February 2021. Decision making will be based on the following:

Please be aware of the following two critical points:

  • Cancellations and disruptions due to COVID will not be covered by the University‚Äôs insurer as the COVID-19 pandemic is now a foreseen circumstance. We ask that you do not undertake any financial commitments (e.g., flights, accommodation, etc.) prior to a final decision being made in February 2021. 
  • UniSA International Travel Grants are not available for study overseas experiences in 2021. When planning your future study overseas experience, please budget accordingly. OS-HELP and other Government grants and scholarships may still apply.

Please continue below with your application for SP5 2021 semester exchange.

Apply to go on full semester exchange

Application for International Student Exchange Program (Full Study Period)
This form is for University of South Australia students only and can be used for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students hoping to take one or two full study periods of exchange.

Please review the application in full prior to commencing the application as you will not be able to save this form.

How to Complete this Form
On the next page of the application, you will be asked to:

  1. Complete your personal details
  2. Complete information relating to your proposed exchange. You will be asked to list three or four courses you're interested in undertaking at your first and second preference host universities. These may not necessarily be your final enrolments.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions for Participation in a UniSA Approved Overseas Mobility Program
  4. Complete a Study Overseas Consent Form for Use of Image

Failure to complete and submit all four pages will render your application invalid.

Before you submit the application, please ensure that you have thoroughly researched your nominated host universities. It's your responsibility to make sure that there are courses you can take at each university you apply for. If necessary, go back and check the exchange partner list for course suitability/restrictions and ensure that relevant courses are offered at your nominated host institutions.

TIP: Make sure you select courses at partner universities that will be offered in the study period/semester that you're planning to go on exchange. For example, UniSA's SP2 is the equivalent of a Spring or Winter semester in the northern hemisphere, while an Autumn/Fall semester equates to UniSA's SP5. If classes have not yet been set for the year you'll be going, look at the classes taught in the same semester of the previous year.

Please note: If your exchange application is successful, you will be invited to attend a compulsory Acceptance Workshop, scheduled to take place in the week beginning Monday 22 Feb 2021. Please ensure you will be able to attend. Exact dates will be sent to you post application acceptance.

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